Tasting room

La Saletta

Welcome to our Tasting Room, where you can immerse yourself in the flavors of our excellent products in a warm and familiar atmosphere, designed for lovers of cured meats.

Each slice of cold cuts is sliced at the moment to guarantee maximum freshness and quality. Our menu includes only cold cuts produced by our company, many of which are prepared without the use of preservatives or dyes. The rest of the ingredients are carefully selected by us to always guarantee the highest quality.

To accompany our cold cuts platters, we have chosen a selection of wines mainly from our region, authentic local oenological gems to be discovered. In particular, we have reserved a large space for “Rosso di Montefalco” and “Trebbiano Spoletino”, a typical vine of our area still little known but with an extraordinary taste.

For over 85 years, the skilled craftsmen of Antica Norcineria Medei have carefully worked with selected meats, preserving respect for ancient traditions and the authentic flavors of the past. This commitment translates into a unique product, which we invite you to discover and taste in our Tasting Room.