About us

Artisan Norcineria since 1940

Deeply rooted in the heart of Trevi, Antica Norcineria Medei embodies a tradition that has been perpetuated for three generations, beginning in 1940 with grandfather Renato Medei. Today, the company continues to thrive thanks to the skilled work of a team driven by passion and dedication to producing high-quality cured meats.

Each product of Norcineria Medei is an authentic expression of the Umbrian territory, where genuine ingredients are combined with artisanal mastery handed down over time. Breeders are carefully selected, guaranteeing top-quality raw materials.

In both dry-cured and cooked sausages, every phase of the production process is entrusted to expert hands. From the selection of meat cuts to salting and spicing, to the pre-curing stage, each step is performed with care and attention to detail. Norcineria Medei stands out for the absence of preservatives and allergens, thus guaranteeing a final product of excellent quality, capable of satisfying even the most demanding palates.

On July 2, 2023, a second store was inaugurated in the heart of Trevi, where customers can not only buy our products but also taste them paired with selected wines from companies that share our high quality standards.

Norcineria Medei is not only a reference point for lovers of good food but also an institution in the Umbrian gastronomic landscape, where love for the territory and passion for excellence blend to create unique and unforgettable products.